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We are proud to carry the gorgeous Velv'Or line of sophisticated gentlemen's jewelry from the visionary designer Jelle Plantenga of the Netherlands. Velv’Or represents "Velvet & Vigor" the stages of the life of the Penis - "Velv" comes from Velvet meaning Soft and "Or" comes from Vigor meaning Hard.  All Velv'Or cock rings are all handcrafted in Europe.

With the JCobra, JNaja, JNata & JBoa they’ve created something that erotically grabs you. A range of attractive pieces of jewelry you will want to own, adore and treasure during a lifetime. The Jcobra, JNaja and JBoa gentlemen's cock rings from Velv'or are luxurious pieces of erotic fine jewelry for the most discerning man in your life. A guy can wear one of these pieces the whole day, and he will receive the pleasures of being "enringed", increasing his sexual health and sexual drive.

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BeauGosse Cock Ring

BeauGosse Cock RingThe BeauGosse BG 002 is created to give you the pleasure of being enringed during intercourse or masturbation as well as throug..


BeauGosse Penis Ring

BeauGosse Penis RingThe BeauGosse BG 001 is created to give you a penis that feels like wood. The pressure on the base of your penis leads to rest..


JCobra Silver Cock Ring with Natural Pearl

The Most Luxurious & Ergonomically Shaped Silver Cock Ring With Natural PearlThis is one of the finest cock rings a gentleman could ever wrap..



JNaja Ergonomic Cock Ring

JNaja Cock Ring Is Ergonomically Shaped To Enring His Manhood And Massage His PerineumThe Ready to Wear Velv'Or JNaja is an ergonomically shaped c..